Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some Thoughts

I follow baseball, and the editor of a blog I regularly visit took the time to comment briefly on Arizona's immigration law. Of course, his comments were derogatory, calling the law "preposterous" and its authors "ignorant." Reading his obviously uninformed comments really raised my ire. Now, it was one thing to read one layperson's comments on the law. Most people know far less than they think (myself included).

However, while I can excuse this person's comments, I cannot excuse those of Attorney General Eric Holder, Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano, or President Obama. All three of these "leaders," whose opinions on this subject do matter, have made statements that make clear they have not read the law.

President Obama promised competency and hope and change and all that garbage. What we have received instead an arrogant, deceitful, incompetent administration which believes it can say or do whatever it wants, with no consequences. US officials this week brought up the Arizona law in its human rights talks with China. It had the gall to compare the efforts of an American state to enforce laws meant to protect this country (has anyone argued US immigration laws are illegal or unconstitutional?) with the very real human rights violations that are committed in China.

Disgusting. There is no need to read the law. No need to consider the plight of Arizonans whose daily lives are affected by illegal immigration. Obama the activist speaks now, and refuses to think, period. He is driven by a mindset so foreign and hostile to American ideals, that his power becomes a real danger to the future of this country.

The election of 2008 may turn out to be the greatest swindle in US history. Let's hope it isn't too late to stop that from happening.

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