Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Racism of the Left

I read something interesting today:

They say the Constitution is not a suicide pact. Neither is consistency a suicide pact. If Bush and Obama were competing in the Olympics in the high jump, and the liberals set the bar at 9 feet for Bush, we cannot permit them to set the bar at three feet for Obama.

Nine feet is the mark. I didn't argue for that high bar for success under Bush, but, the mark having been established, I'll be damned if I'm going to let it be lowered for King Obama.

Does anyone doubt the fact that the left, be it media, academia, or politicians, hold Obama to a different standard? Is it at all surprising that they cry racism when one dares to criticize the President? They are so preoccupied with the color of this man's skin, that they cannot see him as an equal to white men.

It really is that simple. Today's left refuses to equate Barack Obama with his predecessors (all white men). It believes he should not be judged in the same manner as a normal (see: WHITE MALE) politician. They are judging him on the basis of his skin color.

Is this not racism?

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