Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Obama/Sestak Scandal

One of the big stories in Washington DC these days is whether, back in February, the White House offered a federal job (widely believed to be the Sec. of Navy gig) to Democratic Representative Joe Sestak, who was running against White House favorite Democratic Senator Arlen Specter in the US Senate Democratic Primary for Pennsylvania.

As the story goes, because it was afraid that Specter would lose in the primary election to Sestak (which is exactly what happened), the White House offered Sestak a job to drop out. Here's the problem: such an offer would have been a federal crime.

One congressman (a Republican, to be sure) has come out and said this could be an impeachable offense.

Today, after several weeks of this being in the news, President Obama addressed the situation for the first time, saying that nothing improper was done, and that an official explanation was coming.

Why has it taken so long to formulate an official explanation if nothing was done improperly? Why has the White House been so mum on this issue for so long?

We do not know all the facts, but either the Democratic candidate for the US Senate in Pennsylvania is lying, or the White House has committed a crime in an effort to secure its political agenda. This could be a clear example of how this administration endangers our liberty and freedom. We have a ruling regime willing to break laws in order to capture power.

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